Spike's Journal

Being the ramblings of Revan "Spike" Alleyspawn, about his misadventures in what he believes to be the World's Largest Dungeon.

Coldeven 3: Regarding Eaora (Day 1 Watch)

Olidammara, do I hate trying to sleep underground. It's my watch now, and I'm almost grateful. I don't think I've slept much, if at all, and I'm tired of trying. Eaora's doing that "sleeping with her eyes open" thing, which, as always, is creeping me out. I keep thinking that I can talk to her, because she looks pretty much awake, and I open my mouth to say something and then remember that she's not really, and that if I interrupt her meditation she'll lack the mental focus to prepare her spells.

What else can I say about Eaora?

I like to think I'm pretty smart. I speak three languages, have trained in a variety of disciplines, and know more about life than just about anyone I know. Eaora, however, is brilliant in a way I will never be. As you know, I don't like to volunteer a lot of information about myself (outside the confines of my Journal, of course). Anyway, one day we were discussing a potential job with a potential employer, and he asked us if we were familiar with the Highfolk region, and, out of the blue like she does, she says "Spike's mother was from Highfolk."

Now, it's true. My mother was from there. But I'd never told her, and so I was pissed, figuring she'd been prying into my affairs, or maybe reading my journal. I totally lost my cool, called her on it, right then and there. Anyway, she calmly explained that when I hand-signed the symbol of Olidammara, I did so with my left hand, and in front of my face. My face must have shown that I wasn't understanding, so she continued to explain that this was the way that the women of the Highfolk region did it, but that men of the region made the gesture in front of their chest, and typically with their right hand. Logically, she explained, I must have had a woman of Highfolk to model my behaviour on.

Maybe I had the long life of an Elf I'd start to notice such things, and perhaps that's Eaora's secret. But mostly, I think she's just a lot smarter than me.